Where Claims Innovation Becomes Reality: Seamless, Efficient and Customer-Centric

Please note: The conference will commence at 8.30am on the 24th, and finish by 4.30pm on the 25th.

  • Lead the Claims Revolution - Become Seamless, Efficient and Customer-Centric
    Innovate or Lag Behind: Get Ahead in a Rapidly Transforming Claims Industry
    • Maintain a competitive edge amid nimble start-ups and blue sky insurance models grabbing customers’ attention
    • Open the data flood gates to slash costs, boost profit and make your customers smile by applying more accurate insights across claims operations
    • Deliver a seamless omnichannel claims process by embedding an agile and innovative organizational culture
    Stand Out and Exceed the Sky-High Expectations of Modern Insurance Customers
    • Successfully navigate the 2017 customer landscape of hyper-convenience, personalization and real-time customer communications set by other industries
    • Glean exclusive insight on how insurance start-ups and agile innovators are redesigning claims to win the hearts and wallets of customers
    • Make more customers happy throughout the claims cycle by accommodating a variety of communication preferences
    Improve Outcomes and Boost Your Bottom Line: Minimize Costs with Hyper-Efficient Processes
    • Find the quick wins: Identify opportunities for major profit gains across claims expenses, from human capital to litigation
    • Add value to the bottom line using automation to reduce duplication, streamline processes and remove costly human error
    • Banish legacy systems to the past and build a modern system foundation for speed and accuracy
    Achieve the Win-Win: Deploy New and Proven Technologies to Prevent Claims
    • Reduce your payments by educating customers on how to avoid damages
    • Warn customers of impending danger using real-time data and automated communications, such as weather analytics for the chance of hail
    • Capitalize on the IoT data revolution to stop individual incidents before they occur
    How Insurance Carriers Stay Ahead in a Changing Environment: A Case Study of the Auto Industry
    • Be prepared for the adoption of wider industry trends including autonomous vehicles and alternative transportation networks (such as Uber, Lyft, ride sharing and more)
    • Telematics data is up for grabs: will insurance be at the forefront of auto disruption?
    • Explore challenges with OEMs implementing strategies to control connected car data, tighten vehicle owner relationships, enforce repair standards including parts utilization and protect their dealer networks and the associated revenues
    Interactive Insurance Lines of Business Roundtables:

    Delegates will break into groups based on their primary lines of insurance operations to discuss the key challenges facing the industry, share experiences and debate the best strategies for the future.

    This session is an opportunity to benchmark across your industry, network with your closest peers at the event and gain targeted, relevant insight to take back to your team.

    Keep Your Customers Happy and Loyal: Deliver a Superior Claims Experience
    Deliver an Omnichannel Experience and Bring Claims Into the 21st Century
    • Boost customer satisfaction by engaging customers on the channel they prefer, from traditional broker relationships to online direct communication
    • Reduce duplication, administration and customer frustration by effectively sharing data between channels for seamless transition between them
    • Explore the new channels of customer communication to keep on top of customer expectations, such as apps, portals and mobile notifications
    Reach the Holy Grail of Claims Excellence: Dynamic Customer Communication
    • Eliminate the number one claims complaint once and for all by keeping customers in the loop throughout their claims process
    • Reduce significant administrative burden on claims handlers by automating updates or enabling customers to independently access information
    • Establish the building blocks to enable dynamic customer communication from data to integrated communications technologies
    Capitalize on The Rapid Adoption of Self-Service in Next Gen Claims
    • Make insurance claims quick and easy: Implement a self-service claims process from first notice of loss to claims resolution
    • Save time, costs and reduce fraud: How to utilize customer data such as images of damages and IoT devices for to get an immediate, accurate image of the incident
    • Engage customers to participate in self-service claims by providing user-friendly customer portals
    Beat Your Competition Where it Matters: Going The Extra Mile in Customer Service
    • Resolve claims quicker and make customers feel valued by equipping all service touchpoints with complete customer data, enabling personalized service
    • Utilize voice analytics in customer contact centres to weed out fraud, immediately match customers with qualified staff and identify opportunities to provide additional services Utilizing IoT devices and other data to proactively initiate first notice of loss, such as blackbox notification of an auto crash, to save customers time
    How to Do More with Less as Automation Changes the Claims Game
    Develop an Automation Strategy for Greater Speed, Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction
    • Prioritize processes where automation will have the greatest impact on efficiency, such as human error, duplication or bottlenecks
    • Begin the claims process quickly using cognitive intelligence: a simple claim for the machine, or a complex claim to be directed to the best team for human handling
    • Prepare for automation success: Assembling the necessities including complete data sets, appropriate partners and advanced analytical capabilities
    Eliminate the Middle Man for Happier Customers: Operationalizing Straight Through Processing
    • Get customers through the claims cycle quicker, working with trusted vendors to execute straight through processing of a claim
    • Reduce customer frustration by eradicating data collection duplication, sharing data between the insurer and vendors
    • Ensure regulatory compliance and a high standard of customer service through establishing long-term relationships with trusted vendors
    Automate First Notice of Loss for More Efficient and Service-Driven Claims
    • Get the data you need to act fast: With police withdrawing from on-scene accident reporting, carriers must access accurate sources of accident claims reporting
    • Step in early with immediate first notice of loss, improving the customer experience and reducing costs of services and damage
    • Dramatically reduce the cost of each claim by directing customers to a preferred vendor network or utilize directed care facilities
    Gain a Competitive Advantage: Become a Truly Data-Driven Claims Operation
    Build an Agile Data Foundation to Unlock Valuable Insights and Reduce Inefficiency
    • Overcome common data challenges such as legacy systems, fragmented storage, inconsistent data and siloed departments
    • Remove data collection duplication: Implementing a consistent collection criteria across the entire organization
    • Enable agile analytics with data storage suitable for vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, such as the cloud and data lakes
    • Reduce administration with a user-friendly data visualization platform equipping claims handlers with all relevant information
    • How will blockchain influence how claims data is shared, stored and communicated?
    Lead the Pack in the Smart, Sensor-Driven and Seamless World of Auto Claims
    • Integrate vast amounts of data from mobile, drones and telematics for more accurate assessment of auto and property claims, dynamic first notice of loss and fraud detection
    • Keep up in a competitive market using AI for automated collision repair estimation and behavioural analytics for fraud detection
    • Enable smarter, tech enabled parts procurement in collision repair for a seamless claims resolution process
    Drones, Devices and Everything In Between: Access Valuable Data Safer and More Efficiently
    • Get the full picture quickly using customer-submitted data, including audio, video, imagery and IoT sensor data
    • Drones provide safety and efficiency when inspecting damages, but how can you effectively deploy drones within your claims strategy?
    • Generate accurate analysis through integrating alternate data sources from weather, thermography, demographic, water exposure, satellite imagery and more
    Walk the Tightrope Between Catching Fraud and Efficient Claims Processing
    • Will we see the temptation to commit fraud diminish with the introduction of IoT and more data?
    • Streamlining fraud analytics to process legitimate claims quicker, without being held up by fraud assessment Get ahead of the fraudsters using big data and artificial intelligence to identify new fraud indicators

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