5th Annual Insurance AI and Analytics USA May 2 -3, 2019|Chicago, USA

Events Details:

  • Agenda Updates! Please check your timed agenda to see all the detailed sessions for today.
  • Flights Delays: Please let us know if you are having issues to arrive to the AI & Analytics USA Summit. Contact the conference director at mariana.dumont@insurancenexus.com
  • Registration day 1: Come grab your badge and join us for a welcoming coffee starting from 7:30 am, Wednesday June 27th

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Brella is our networking app that connects you with other conference attendees. Use the mobile and/or desktop platforms to arrange 15-minute meetings based on your common interests.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Access Brella: Brella can be accessed from app.brella.io/aianalyticssummit or download app for iOS or Android and use join code: aianalyticssummit
  2. Sign up using a social profile or your email: Log in with LinkedIn, Google or Facebook, or create an account using your email address. Next, select "Join new event" and enter the code aianalyticssummit. Please note that the join code is case sensitive!
  3. Answer some questions: Establish the purpose of your meeting by answering "What are you offering?” and “What are you seeking?” Your answer will help put you in touch with other seminar guests with complementary preferences and create high-value meetings.
  4. Book your first meeting: Search for someone with whom you would like to meet, request a meeting, and let Brella take care of the rest! Once confirmed, Brella's scheduling system will assign your meeting a time and location. (Psst... Remember to personalize your meeting requests! People are more likely to respond when you make a good first impression.)
  5. Manage your schedule: Plan your meetings around your schedule by blocking off busy time in your calendar using the "My Schedule" tab.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Brella: support@brella.io