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This year has presented the auto insurance industry with more challenges than ever before. Covid-19 has cast a long shadow, disrupting many industries and raising questions about the way auto insurance will continue to operate in a Post-Covid age. It is with a renewed sincerity that the industry will have to embrace these changes and adapt to the new status quo.

Alongside this, the pace of technology is only increasing, as new autonomous/electric vehicles, telematics, data analytics and InsurTech continue to rewrite and streamline processes. The industry must seek out the tools to employ these technologies efficiently and profitably if it is to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

This is why we are launching Auto Insurance Europe Virtual Summit (October 7-8, 2020).

The most senior executives from across the board are congregating to strategise and problem-solve as we embark on the next chapter in the future of the auto-insurance industry.