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2019 Categories

In the pursuit of delivering customer-first products with a seamless experience from purchase to claims, each carrier must first become a customer-centric organization. To recognize excellence and innovation at each stage of this process, we have focused categories for product development, customer service, operational transformation and claims – and aim to celebrate both the executives leading the change, and the teams on the front line every day executing on customer strategy.

 North American Claims Management Team

Recognizes the team in a carrier tasked with effectively handling claims to get claims resolved as soon as possible. We are looking for the team who go above and beyond to make the claims process seamless for customer and carrier alike.

 North American Customer Service Team

Recognizes the team on the front lines of customer service. We’re looking for customer heroes who go above and beyond whilst spending their day helping customers through traumatic times, explaining confusing insurance policies and compensating for frustrating or inefficient processes.

 North American Innovation Team

Recognizes the team who are turning innovative trends into impact – taking IoT, AI, start-ups, sensors, automation, product changes and everything in between, and driving value for customers and carriers.


 North American Claims Leader of the Year

Recognizes an executive who has transformed their claims function to meet the needs of the future. We’re looking for individuals who inspire their organization and motivate the team to deliver an ambitious vision whilst maintaining every day operations.

 North American Customer Ambassador of the Year

Recognizes an employee who consistently brings the voice of the customer into the organization’s decisions, operations and actions. More importantly, this person will ensure the needs of the customer are being met across the organization.

 North American Innovation Leader of the Year

Recognizes an executive who pushes their organization to remain on the cutting edge of possibility, blending what customers need and what technology makes possible to reimagine products, service and operations.


 North American Business Transformation of the Year

Recognizes an organization who has significantly transformed how their business operates in the past 3 years and are seeing tangible benefits from this transformation. We are looking for the biggest impact, from technology implementation, process optimization, organizational restructuring etc.

 New Insurance Product of the Year

Recognizes the organization that has launched the most innovative insurance product to the market since January 2018. We are looking for a product that is truly unique and both meets the customers need and represents a profitable opportunity for the carrier.

 North American Customer Experience of the Year

Recognizes the organization who provides the most seamless, consistent and customer-driven experience throughout their customer’s journey from research and purchase, to claim and renewal. We’ll be considering user experience across channels, transparency and engagement.


 Innovative Broker of the Year

Recognizes the broker organization who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the customer in the modern insurance industry. We’re looking for the broker organization who collaborates closely with carrier partners to ensure the industry looks after customers.

 North American Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes the executive who has made significant contributions to their teams, wider organizations and the insurance industry at large over the course of their career, that has delivered impact far beyond their peers.

 North American Contribution to Society

Recognizes the organization who is acting to drastically reduce risk across their portfolio in the long term, working to ensure their customer community is safer, healthier and able to take control of their risk.


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