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Join Canada’s Largest Insurance Summit

Insurance customers are demanding more of their insurance carrier. Canadian insurance carriers must meet and exceed customer expectations across the value chain – requiring a culture of innovation, cutting edge technology and the effective deployment of data insights.

Such significant transformation can be daunting. But the time to act is now.

Which is why Connected Insurance Canada is providing an organization-wide strategy summit in 2019. 350+ executives from across the insurance value chain, each with the responsibility and power to transform their organization, will leave with the tools and strategies to deliver true change.

This is an unmissable opportunity for you and your senior executive team to come together and become a customer-driven organization. The time for change is now.

3 Conferences in One: Insurance Analytics, Product Innovation and Connected Claims

In an era of game-changing transformation, siloed operations are no longer an option. Executives across the insurance value chain - innovation, claims, product, analytics - must come together to transform their organization and customer satisfaction at scale. 

Which is why Connected Insurance Canada is bringing together the core pillars of the carrier management team, for long-term strategies to move the innovation needle within your organization and achieve customer-driven transformation.

Explore the key avenues to change alongside your peers who each have the responsibility and power to transform products and services including personalized products, real-time engagement and seamless service.

Insurance Analytics

Walk away with an AI strategy and implementation plan to transform your customer experience

  • Drive business value with AI: Implement AI and advanced analytics to achieve core business objectives and customer satisfaction at scale
  • Deliver return on analytics investment: Build a targeted business case for innovation that prioritizes investment to achieve rapid results
  • Create a 360 view of the customer: Integrate insights across the business to develop a single view of the customer, seamless service and personalization

Product Innovation

Walk away with tools to design relevant, engaging and competitive products

  • Explore the future of insurance products: As the industry shifts towards risk mitigation and elimination, develop tools to engage customers on risk management
  • Achieve customer-driven product development: Transform into a customer-centric organization to understand and deliver what your customers really want
  • Build game-changing service into winning products: Develop tools that deliver your customers with value-add services to transform their experience

Connected Claims

Achieve seamless, efficient and customer-driven claims processing

  • Deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer experience: Cater for all customer segments across all communication lines to retain your customers in the long-term
  • Drive unprecedented business efficiencies: Explore the technologies and strategies that are optimizing claims and delivering greater accuracy and effectiveness
  • Transform your customers' claims journeys: Use innovative tech to help speed up claims and deliver 24/7 on-demand services

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60+ CEOs, Analytics, Innovation, Product, Customer and Claims Thought Leaders Take the Stage

Connected Insurance Canada brings together the leading minds on the cutting edge of innovation, with an executive speaker line-up across product development, claims innovation, strategic leadership, and AI implementation.

Each conference within Connected Insurance Canada (analytics, product and claims) will showcase insurance carrier case-studies that allow you to roadmap your transformation and walk away with strategies for immediate implementation within your organization.

Hans Reidl
Hans Reidl

Economical Insurance

SVP Claims

Fernando Moreira
Fernando Moreira


SVP, Global Insurance

Erin Fischer
Erin Fischer

Wawanesa Insurance

VP, Claims Excellence

Marcelo Regen
Marcelo Regen


VP Brand Innovation & Chief Customer Officer

Eugene Wen
Eugene Wen


Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics

Scott Marnoch
Scott Marnoch

Great West Life

VP Innovation

Catherine Bishop
Catherine Bishop

RBC Insurance

VP Sales Optimization

Anna Foat
Anna Foat

Sun Life

Director Digital Transformation Office

Boris Collignon
Boris Collignon

Desjardins General Insurance Group

VP Strategy, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Dominic Fortin
Dominic Fortin

The Co-Operators

Senior Director, Business Intelligence Solutions & Advanced Analytics

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Get What You Need: Tailor Your Agenda To Walk Away With Strategies You Need

Today, the customer-centric future of insurance can only be realized with transformative change across the organization – pockets of innovation must be upscaled for greater impact. Facing legacy systems and processes, carriers must act now to meet customer expectations.

By gathering the ‘agents of change’ within insurance carriers, including product innovation, analytics, claims strategy and technology the next steps can, and will be taken. Practically speaking, this means excellent partnerships and third-party integration; the enhancement of operational capabilities and product functionality.

Take your company to the next level, join two days that will change your team and business including:

Insurance Analytics Canada

  • Develop Strategy: Develop an effortless strategy for successful AI implementation, to ensure a robust business intelligence infrastructure, data integrity and a 360 view of the customer
  • Integrate and Prioritize Innovative Tech: Align strategy with business objectives to gain buy-in and maximize impact
  • Discover Exactly Where and How AI is Impacting Insurance: Uncover the major impacts of AI, from automating underwriting and improving the customer experience to delivering seamless claims
  • Improve Product Design, Distribution & CX: Enhance the customer experience using chatbots, and use AI to put contextual, personalized products in front of your customers

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Product and Innovation Canada

  • Understand What Customers Want: Expend the offering beyond traditional insurance models, embed a customer-centric mindset to win and retain your customers
  • Provide personalized, Relevant and Valuable Products: Leverage real-time data and analytics and create interactive, tailored, on-demand products that suit modern lifestyles and risk profiles more accurately
  • Enhance The Role Of Insurance In Customers’ Lives: Move towards proactive risk reduction in a connected, hyper-personalized and seamless environment
  • Set The Stage For New Product Development: Get the required detail on how insurers have integrated service-boosting third parties to reach customer satisfaction at scale

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Connected Claims Canada

  • Optimize Claims Procedures by Gaining Speed and Efficiency: Utilize data, AI and rapid claims processing to achieve a seamless claims process
  • Fast-Track Claims and Reduce Costs: Get practical examples of deploying machine learning to automate the claims process; use images, sensor data and historical data to assess severity and predict repair costs
  • Understand Exactly What the Modern Customer Demands: Meet and exceed customer expectations with outstanding service across operations, from marketing and sales to claims
  • Achieve Seamless Experience: Identify quick wins to drastically reduce cycle times and reach customer satisfaction at scale

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Welcome To Canada’s Largest Insurance Event

Connected Insurance Canada is officially the largest meeting place for insurance executives, where they meet to learn, network and strategize.

Join 350+ of your peers from within Property & Casualty, Life & Health and Commercial Insurance to tackle the core challenges facing Canadian insurers. With case studies to set long-term strategies that deliver immediate impact across the whole value chain, you’ll meet executives from across data and analytics, product innovation, claims strategy, technology, innovation, strategy and more.

If you work in or supply services to the Canadian Insurance ecosystem, make sure you’re in Toronto September 10-11 for Connected Insurance Canada!

2018 Attendees included:

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Be a part of the movement that is transforming the insurance industry – 5 reasons you MUST attend:


The Canada’s Largest Gathering for Insurance Executives: Join 350+ peers and colleagues to build your network, benchmark, debate and learn from the best minds in the industry


Walk Away with Step by Step, Practical Strategies: This event gives you tools, tips and tricks from case studies across the industry for immediate implantation in your organization, to understanding what your customer wants


Get the Big Picture, and the Detail: With three conferences, explore detailed strategies within product, service, claims and tech that enables you to achieve the customer-centric future of insurance


Meet Valuable Contacts to Grow Your Network: With more hours of networking, interactive discussions and Brella implemented to pack your schedule with meetings, this summit is the best place to meet your peers and build your network


Save weeks of work: Get more insights in two days than weeks of market research and competitive benchmarking

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Be a Part of the Movement Towards Innovation Driven Future

Canadian Insurance is entering the single most exciting time of its history.

After a significant period of technological disruption and growing competition, insurance carriers are now shifting from a reactive to proactive mindset – moving beyond implementing a single technology or optimizing a part of the value chain.

Which is why we at Insurance Nexus have moved to explore the bigger picture - considering what innovation and changes mean for the long-term future of insurance, and what carriers need to be doing now to get there.

For the VERY FIRST time in Canada, bring your entire management team and meet with 350+ peers from across the industry at the biggest Canadian insurance summit. We are excited to present in three conferences in one – three streams that dive into detail on AI and analytics, product development and innovative claims.

By gathering the ‘agents of change’ within the insurers, including product innovation, analytics, claims strategy and technology the next steps can, and will be taken. Set the plan for the future and discover the strategies to deliver omnichannel customer experience, no matter if you are in the back-office or front facing the customer. Take your company to the next level at Connected Insurance Canada.

Ira Sopic

Ira Sopic

Project Director
Insurance Nexus

Phone: +44 (0) 207 422 43630

Toll Free: +1 800 814 3459 Ext: 4363


Here’s Why Connected Insurance Canada is THE Unmissable Event

95% of attendees would recommend Insurance Analytics Canada Summit to their colleague

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