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Two Days of Focussed, Interactive Sessions

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Deliver Streamlined Claims
Transform customer experience and maximise efficiency using innovative tech
Plenary: Thrive in a time of significant claims transformation
  • Prepare for growth: overcome legacy systems, legacy processes and legacy thinking, and set your organisation to capitalise on the new era of claims
  • What customers really want is choice: Build the ultimate omnichannel experience so your customer is in the driving seat from FNOL to claims settlement
  • The future of claims processing: Maximise workforce efficiency and deploy cutting edge, transformative tech to your advantage
  • Build emotional connections into digital claims to ensure your customers remain invested in your process and remains loyal to your organisation
  • Uncover the power of partnerships with solution providers and InsurTech: pilot and collaborate to boost operational efficiency and improve claims

“Get ahead of your competition and delight customers - deploy innovative tech and transform processes to lead your team into the future of seamless, efficient claims.”


“Be the voice of the customer across claims, and deliver what they need: transparent communications, rapid processing and a choice of how to claim.”


“Resolve legacy systems, inefficient processes and incompatible workflows to realise the full potential of claims: personalised, rapid and accurate.”


Deliver the strategic future of claims

LIVE POLLING: Uncover claims transformation priorities
  • Uncover the most critical priorities for Chief Claims Officers
  • Benchmark where to invest resources, people, time and money
  • The partnerships, technologies and strategies processes moving the needle on claims transformation
The future of claims: Risk mitigation and claims reduction
  • Track how the industry is moving towards a healthier, safer and happier community with real-time risk notifications, risk education and customer engagement pre-claim
  • Reach the holy grail of claim elimination: how customer and insurer can work together using IoT and other technologies to stop risk in its tracks
Design and deliver the ideal claims experience:
  • Set your long-term strategy for success: Design the ideal claims experience to inform investment and transformation
  • What tech can we use? Utilise data, the power of AI and automation tech to transform costs in the long-term
  • Where is the claims experience won and lost? Focus your team on the areas of the greatest importance to your customer
Bring your claims into the modern age with digitalisation
  • Where will digitalisation have the biggest on claims process? Identify the biggest opportunities to improve customer outcomes and business efficiency
  • Avoid tech for tech sake: Define what digitalisation means and what customers want, from portals to apps, communications and channels

Gather the tools required for modern claims leadership

Pool the necessary resources for exponential growth
  • Capitalise on the combined expertise created by M&A to implement and maximise resources to their full potential
  • Learn from case studies on how to create compatible, multi-function teams for successful collaboration
  • What are the key talent skills and gaps that will take your team from standard to outstanding?
Outsource, inhouse and blending both: Where to find the required power for change
  • Identify where outsourcing can be leveraged to do more with less without sacrificing quality
  • Explore case studies of both business process outsourcing and inhouse strategies to compare the various outcomes
Deploy straight through processing: Reduce fraud and enhance experience in one go
  • Assemble the required parts to achieve straight through processing on simple claims
  • Integrate the latest AI technologies to identify and reduce fraud throughout automated claims

Leap into the future with next gen investment strategies

Integrate game-changing technology with a water-tight investment strategy
  • Understand the ecosystem as of today and forecast the future: what tech and providers are changing the claims game
  • Match your investment strategy to internal priorities to maximise the long-term impact of your investment today
  • How to choose who to work with and find synergies with partners
Effectively operationalise innovation to achieve scale at speed
  • How to turn proofs of concept into scaled up case studies, including strategies for implementation
  • Tools to track and prove ROI and uncover the true value of tech investment
Push claims to the board: How to win investment approval
  • Understand the key considerations of the senior management team to talk to organisation wide priorities
  • Build an intelligent business case focused on efficiency and customer outcomes
  • How to engage stakeholders across the business to leverage influencers

Develop an innovative culture to drive transformation

All Sing Together: Set the Strategy from the Top
  • Bring your CCO, IT, Tech and Customer around one table to have one conversation, and set a consistent culture and expectations
  • Learn from case studies of companies that have changed their DNA to build an innovative culture
  • The key steps to become a customer-centric organisation: what does that look like practically?
Be customer first in mission, reality and reputation
  • Create a singular vision of your culture and spread throughout the organisation: educate and engage employees on customer outcomes
  • Learn how the best companies instil long-lasting cultural shifts that change the game for good
  • Track the impact of long-term customer centricity: why is this important?
Build sustainable innovation with long-term partnerships
  • Uncover the key to successful collaborations and how to emulate these attributes
  • Embed new partners in: Fast-track vital operational efficiency gains and customer experience improvements to reach long-term objectives

Put the customer at the heart of your claims

LIVE POLLING: Reach customer-driven claims
  • What do customers want from claims?
  • Which technologies are yet to reach their full potential in impacting the customer’s claims journey forever?
  • What should the claims journey look like ten years from now?
Get to the truth of customer preferences: What do customers really want?
  • Hear cutting-edge case studies: Real customer feedback on their insurance claims journey
  • Track how the claims experience impacts customer perception of the organisation, and the long-term implications
  • Uncover how insurers have implemented technologies, processes and changes off the back of customer feedback
The game has changed: Deliver what the modern customer expects
  • Companies such as Amazon have changed customer expectations forever, and insurers must deliver on what they demand
  • How to redefine your customer experience now or risk losing customers to those who will meet needs
  • How do customer expectations set outside insurance translate to claims?
Prepare for the future customer and be ready for growing competition
  • Surprise and delight: Increase retention by overdelivering on an outstanding customer experience
  • Set yourself up for future success by predicting customer expectations and how technology will change these in the future
  • Provide a flexible platform that enables growth in the future to always be improving

Design and deliver a seamless claims journey

Guarantee a speedy, transparent and personalised experience
  • Respond to your customers’ pain points and reduce friction in the claims experience as a first priority
  • Integrate AI and automation elements to reduce cycle times: how can tech cut steps out and shave seconds off?
  • Identify opportunities for personalisation using existing data
Quick wins to transform customer satisfaction: Target the pain points
  • How to find the most frustrating pain points across your customer journey in the first place – use resources at your fingertips such as complaints, feedback loops and patterns of behaviour
  • Match solutions to your specific problems: rethink transformation to solve your own challenge
Deploy transformative tech that will change the claims journey forever
  • Uncover the technologies having the most significant impact on claims, such as automating simple claims and integrating chatbots at customer service
  • Utilise AI to ensure personalisation and service are at the forefront of all interactions
  • Explore self-service claims with customer-submitted data, automated processing and payments

Achieve personalised, omnichannel and rapid claims processing

Provide transparent and simple claims updates with real-time communication
  • Train customer service teams to effectively engage on a greater scale, what does “service” mean for your organisation?
  • Build a single data platform with integrated information sharing to enable real-time notifications and personalised communications
Offer customers choice with an integrated, omnichannel experience
  • Cater for all customer segments and preferences: Provide a variety of communication options, both digital and personal
  • Create a seamless service that enables the customer to move cross-channel effortlessly and simply
  • How can you go above and beyond? Create a claims experience that truly is intuitive
Cater to customers varied preferences to boost customer satisfaction
  • Map the key considerations for each customer segment: what are the core priorities for each group?
  • Uncover tools to develop a complete picture of customer preferences from personas to journey mapping

Leverage innovative technology to enhance the customer experience

The UX Files: Focus on form, not just function
  • How is your communications and process from a usability perspective? If it’s not easy and simple to use, you’re doing it wrong!
  • Find tools to leverage specialist insight on how to create a consistent feel across your various channels
Why investment in digital is a non-negotiable for 2020
  • How to convince your organisation to invest in digitalisation now: what are the tangible business benefits of digital claims?
  • Build in KPI tracking to show return on investment and expand investment for successful projects
Walk the line of human and machine: Deliver the optimal service level
  • Provide the most appropriate customer journey for each customer segment, tailoring levels of interaction, automation and more
  • Cultivate the ideal point between human and tech touchpoints to ensure customers are comfortable and satisfied with speed
  • How to seamlessly blend people and machines: what tech advances are enabling more human-based service levels enriched with machine power?

Build an innovation-ready environment to enable efficiency

LIVE POLLING: Out with the old, in with the new
  • When can we remove ‘legacy’ from our conversation?
  • How far away are insurers from resolving antiquated systems and workflows?
  • What are the trademarks of success for insurers effectively implementing innovation?
Balance incremental and transformative change to reach your claims goals now
  • Diversification strategies to find the perfect balance between reaching customer outcomes and controlling cost
  • Identify your core organisational priorities and work backwards to understand how technology can best move the needle
Combine workflows and technologies for a seamless process
  • Ensure interoperability across multiple external suppliers for a cohesive and consistent system
  • Knit together disconnected technologies to enhance capability and drive real-time results
  • Bring together workflows to identify bottlenecks and duplication of effort to streamline operations
Reduce claims cycle time with a superior supplier network
  • Align your supplier network with your mission to deliver a superior customer experience across the supply chain
  • Bring your supply chain onto a consistent system to reduce the cost of claims and boost efficiency

Build an unshakable data foundation for the future

Quick wins to transform your claims experience with the data you have already
  • Assemble and feed customer data through all channels to enable personalisation at each stage of the claims cycle
  • Data visualisation tools to create outstanding customer service through each channel, from brokers to suppliers
  • Tools to link claims and underwriting data to prepopulate and speed up claims processing
Capitalise on the data that will transform claims
  • How data will enable customer-submitted and managed claims through automated self-service
  • Explore data storage solutions to effectively use new customer-submitted data sources including video, sound, imagery, sensor and more
  • Prepare for the long-term future of unknown data: what capabilities will be critical in the future of claims processing?

The new claims landscape: The rise of artificial intelligence

Achieve the biggest differentiator in 21st century insurance: AI implementation
  • Discover the most exciting use cases of AI across claims and the biggest potential for the future
  • How to identify opportunities and apply the successful approaches for seamless implementation
  • Learn from others that have adopted machine learning into their claim process and why now is the right moment to start the AI journey
How to power AI to unlock greater business efficiency
  • Explore the key advantages that will take AI power to the next level: unstructured data, preventative insurance and more
  • The changing face of the insurance workforce: get strategies to enhance efficiency with a machine enabled company
Target the catastrophe bottleneck: Using AI when it’s most needed
  • Provide the high level of service required during a catastrophe is mission critical, yet very difficult to achieve with existing resources
  • Overcome the press on resources with a virtual workforce able to cope through peak times
  • Establish 24/7 processing and automated processing in times of higher volume of claims

Achieve claims personalisation at pace

Treat the customer, not the claim: Achieve a 360degree view of the customer
  • Gain a single view of the customer including history, underwriting, customer service and previous claims to enable an informed customer service
  • How to embed personalisation across channels to improve service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Stop asking for the same story: Improve claims efficiency with a single, complete and concise customer record
Get up close and personal with customers: Prioritise service using segmentation
  • Utilise analytics to understand the key segments within your customer pool and opportunities to utilise this information
  • Walk the line between fraud prevention and customer experience through specific segmentation of customers
Raise the bar on efficient customer service with AI
  • The latest tech that is enabling customer segmentation and prioritisation: text image, voice analytics, what are the indicators of a simple claim?
  • Claims adjuster priorities: segmenting claims able to be automated to focus human resources on more complex claims
  • Improve service levels, claims processing and employee satisfaction levels by removing administrative task

Keeping up with the pace of change is only one of the many challenges claims executives are now facing. With limited time, limited people and limited resources, understanding what to prioritise and how to implement is a crucial component of an insurer’s transformation strategy. With short and interactive presentations, this section of the agenda will cover the technologies that will dramatically impact claims, including its potential and the strategies to overcome implementation challenges.

  • Chief Claims Officer priorities: Invest in innovation and make sure your company survives a turbulent but exciting transformational era for claims
  • Benchmark against your competition as the industry achieves efficiency and customer-centricity
  • Strategies to effectively motivate and support change whilst the claims function continues to operate at full speed
  • Leverage IOT devices to automate FNOL
  • Deploy AUTOMATION to impact claims and sustain emotive experiences and heighten operational efficiency levels
  • Empower customers with digital engagement tools such as PORTALS & APPS and simultaneously improve customer experience and efficiency
  • Integrate AI & CHATBOTS to process non-complex, low-value claims
  • Explore MACHINE VISION as a tool to speed up customer journeys using image consultation techniques to process claims
  • Water-tight your IT integration challenges and discover exactly what your business needs based on current back-end set up and data management strategies
  • Enact programmes of incremental integration between workflows so that you get closer to a fully-co-ordinated system of functionality
  • Collaborate effectively with IT providers and consultants to reach your end goal together

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