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Connected Claims Europe Virtual 18th–19th August, 2020|Online

An unrivalled agenda filled with industry-leading insights:

Day One: Wednesday, 18th August 2020

The New Claims Strategy - Claims Innovation in a Changed World
  • Explore the new strategic priorities for claims organizations in a world where even the disruptors are disrupted and customers are more in need of innovative claims services than ever before
  • Learn where transformation should be prioritized and where your potential blind-spots could be as you rapidly innovate
  • Take the first steps towards innovating with chatbots at FNOL and automated payments so customers can see results immediately
Fireside Chat: The Partnerships That Matter - How Insurers, Insurtechs and Regulators Can Work Together

At a time when our lives and economy are disrupted, communication and collaboration between insurers, policy-makers and consumers has never been more important. Explore how everyone in the insurance ecosystem can work to balance the needs of the industry, the wider economy and insurance customers

Panel Discussion: Virtual Claims Handling - The New Normal for Claims?
  • Overcome new barriers to customer satisfaction with virtual claims handling at a time when claims handlers and adjusters need to be more agile than ever
  • Deliver a claims process that delivers on the needs of both customers and claims organizations, with a more seamless experience for customers and optimizing the capabilities of your workforce
  • Will claims handling ever be the same again?
Win Customer Hearts and Minds for Long-Term Customer Satisfaction
  • Discover how personalization can build stronger, healthier customer relationships that will overcome any urge to comparison shop
  • Explore the short and long-term strategies for creating a claims experience that gives the customer what you know they need
  • Don’t just race to catch up to customer expectations, use the claims process to set customer expectations and beat online retail at their own game!
Fireside Chat: The Digital Claims Future

There is no more doubt. Customers have given the signal to insurers that they are not only ready for a digital claims experience, but in urgent need of one. Join this fireside chat as we explore what customers specifically want and what the claims process will look like for insurers

Panel Discussion: Deliver Empathy at Scale
  • When a claim is made, the insurer has that one chance to deliver a customer journey characterized by empathy and transparency or face losing that customer
  • Don’t just maintain empathy through large-scale transformations, use those large transformations to embed empathy into the claims process
  • Explore the technologies that enable you to care for customers whilst continuing to maximize business efficiencies, from AI-assisted workflows that prioritize the most urgent claims, to two-way text messaging platforms that keep the customer updated about their claims
The New Way to Do Business – Claims Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Discover how to keep the relationship between you and your supply chain strong so you can continue to support customers in their times of need
  • Explore what the future will looks like for claims supply chains for motor and property claims as the global supply chain undergoes drastic changes
  • Learn how technology is changing the way insurers think about their supply chain networks, from blockchain to AI

Day Two: Thursday, 19th August 2020

Why Data Is More Important Than Ever In The Age of Digital
  • Explore how data will drive your claims transformation strategies forward
  • Discover how you can approach data usage without impacting customer trust
  • Deliver a personalized claims experience for every customer using the power of data and analytics
Fireside Chat: What Opportunities Lie Ahead For Claims?

Despite frequent disruption, there are more opportunities for claims than ever before. From the higher demand from customers for digital experiences to the flexibility offered by the new working world, there are so many opportunities to rapidly transform into agile, customer-centric organizations. The industry has an opportunity to forge new leaders with mindsets primed for innovation.

Hear exactly how and why claims organizations are the centres for innovation going forward.

Panel Discussion: Facing Fraud - How Interdepartmental Cooperation Can Unlock New Fraud-Fighting Capabilities
  • Fraud will become a more frequent concern thanks to the rise of digital, which makes proper strategy critical to moving forward with claims transformation.
  • Explore how a better working relationship between fraud and claims organizations can transform an insurer’s ability to detect and prevent fraud
  • With AI and ML driven Claims Triage, begin to make the most of every claims handler and every fraud investigator’s abilities whilst rewarding valid claims from valued customers
Unleash People Potential In Claims
  • Discover how to maximize the potential of each and every member of your claims organization with the correct tools, training and technology
  • Explore how you can create the claims innovation dream team with a recruiting strategy that attracts those with the skills and ambition to transform claims
  • Learn how claims adjusters and claims handlers will operate in a world where working from home is the new norm – how will this impact insurers and insureds?
Fireside Chat: The New Claims Supply Chain Future

Disruption due to COVID-19 has transformed the way we think of supply chains. It has changed how they operate and there will be no going back. From the massive reduction in the number of motor repair bodyshops to the overhaul of the global supply chain network.

Discover how the insurance claims supply chain is set to change, what the future will look like and what can be done to adapt to this ever-changing landscape

Panel Discussion: The Holy Grail of Insurance Claims – Anticipate Customer Needs
  • The next step in the evolution of claims is now within reach thanks to developments in AI, IoT, Telematics and new payment solutions
  • Discover how insurers can anticipate customer needs instead of react to customer needs after a claim is made
  • Explore how the reduction of risk will delight the customer, as they see their insurance provider as a care provider
Thrive in a Digital World
  • With customer demand for digital across multiple lines of insurance higher than ever, it is vital to understand how to operate through new digital platforms
  • Learn how insurers can fight the increased risk of fraud as digital becomes the tool-of-choice for fraudsters and use historical data to detect fraudulent claims early
  • Discover how virtual estimation and claim-handling platforms can be used outside of simple auto and home claims

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