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Claims Corner

Weekly chats to help you navigate through uncertain times

As we self-isolate, we must be careful not to isolate our ideas and thoughts. The truth is that has never been more important for our industry to share, collaborate and inspire.

Business as usual is no longer possible. For that reason, we are hosting a series of chats with industry leaders to discuss the current challenges and how to support decision making during in uncertain times.

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The Claims Corner interview series will cover:

April 9th

The New Age of Claims Handling

With little or no access to customers, homes and businesses for estimation and adjudication, the regular duties of every claims handler and adjuster are going through unprecedented changes.

Discover how insurance carriers are changing the way they handle claims to maintain the safety of their staff and customers in their times of need.

April 16th

Why insurers must now take digital transformation seriously

In these unprecedented times, using digital tools and platforms for customer communication, data recording and claims analysis has never been more critical.

But insurance carriers are notoriously slow to adopt and integrate new technologies. Is this the jolt that they need to take digital transformation seriously?

April 23rd

The new business norm: Collaboration

As carriers improve their capabilities to support customers and their employees in times of need, leadership, collaboration and partnerships will have the biggest impact on the quality of the claims process and experience.  Discover the current challenges that both carriers and solution providers are facing in today’s world and the different solutions that will help you to accelerate progress

Claims Like Never Before – Agility, Leadership and Collaboration for a Seamless Claims Experience

Through this time of rapid change and extreme uncertainty, both customers and the claims workforce need more support and care than ever before.

How can insurers deliver the optimal experience for both employees and customers through a time of unprecedented change?

Register for the “Claims Like Never Before” Webinar taking place April 30th at 11am ET

Join Eric Brandt (SVP and Chief Claims Officer, Allstate), Mike Fiato (Chief Claims Officer, Liberty Mutual), and James Spears (Head of Automotive, Tractable) as they share their industry-leading insights:

  • Be agile and exceed customer expectations: Leverage the right strategies and technologies, from chatbots at first notice of loss to AI-driven estimation, and get the customer what they need faster than they would expect
  • Lead the next generation of claims innovators: In a time when employee experience is as important as that of the customer, learn how to manage the current and oncoming generations of the claims workforce and adapt your leadership style to this age of disruption
  • Build innovation partnerships: Work with your insurtech partners to optimize the benefits for your claims workforce and customers through faster cycle times and AI-assisted decision-making

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Deliver Empathy at Scale with Liberty Mutual, Farmers, AAA and LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Insurance Carriers need speed now. Customers want speed now. But fast, seamless claims is pointless when empathy is lacking. How do you strike the right balance between automation and the human touch?

Listen to Samantha Santiago (Head of Claims Strategy & Automation, Farmers Insurance), Lori Pon (Director of Claims Transformation and Claim Service Center, AAA), and Bill Brower (Vice President – Auto Claims, LexisNexis Risk Solutions) to learn how to scale empathy through automation.

Registrants to the webinar, sponsored by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, can expect to explore the following:

  • Give the customer more than they expect! Boost NPS whilst reducing cycle times by automating routine processes to offer a seamless customer experience that gives the customer the power of choice
  • Quick Wins with Quick Estimates: Integrate image analytics AI and automated documentation for increased accuracy and estimation speed to see reduced loss adjustment costs
  • Create a Superior Employee Experience: Reallocate your claims teams to focus on complex claims to maximize human efficiencies and provide true job satisfaction
  • Be There 24/7: Deploy AI and Chatbots to handle routine claims 24 hours a day to be there for customers at any time they need you

Results Driven Claims Innovation Unlock the Real Value of Claims Tech

77% of insurance carriers are increasing their investments in innovative tech to achieve seamless claims. From AI, ML, satellite imagery, IoT, chatbots and more, how can carriers prioritize, integrate and fully maximize the power of claims tech?

Insurance Nexus brought together a team of experts including, Eric Spencer (Chief Claims Officer, Ameriprise), Fred Lemire (Director, Claims Administration, AIG), Amrish Singh (Head of Product, Metromile) and Bryan Falchuk (former Head of Claims at Hiscox USA) to discuss how to unlock the real value of claims tech.

Listen to the webinar and get insights on how to:

  • Achieve Impact Amongst Innovation: Prioritize tech depending on the potential scale of impact, aligning outcomes with business goals
  • Put the Human Touch in Touchless: Balance empathy with efficiency in the race towards automated claims
  • Solve the Pain Points: Combine long-term transformation with quick wins to erase the biggest customer pain points immediately

Deliver a Seamless Claims Customer Experience Using Innovative Tech

Hear from the Chief Claims Officer, Generali, Nordic Head of Digital Claims, If P&C and Eddie Longworth (JEL Consulting) on actionable insights to develop your strategy, including;

  • Process claims quicker and give the customer control: Use process automation, self-service claims options and straight through processing, rapidly reduce claims resolution times, to make customers happy and save you time and money
  • Keep customers in the loop and reduce frustration: Overcome the biggest complaint - not knowing the claim status. Deliver real-time updates using automated communication, customer portals and equipping all touchpoints with up to date information
  • Engage with customers through their preferred channel: With a variety of communication preferences from a traditional broker relationship to digital, deliver a seamless customer experience using a single source of data automatically updating across channels

The Future of Connected Claims

Claims is standing on the brink of transformation as new technologies drive unprecedented business efficiency and superior customer experience.

So how can carriers use this opportunity to create a competitive advantage through exceptional customer service?

As part of the lead up for Connected Claims USA, Insurance Nexus will talk to the Chief Claims Officer at USAA and Chief Customer Advocate at Esurance to share a sneak peek of the most exciting two-day summit in the claims industry.

This webinar will give you the insights you need to improve operational efficiency and customer service and create a competitive advantage, including:

  • Achieve seamless experience: hear about the strategies and tools that Sean Burgess (Chief Claims Officer, USAA) uses to exceed customer expectations
  • Succeed in the age of customer: get exclusive insights from Eric Brandt (Chief Customer Advocate at Esurance) on how to drive a customer-obsessed culture to make the experience of buying, owning and using insurance surprisingly painless
  • Automatically turn data to action: discover how to utilize advanced analytics and real-time data to dramatically improve customer experience and reduce costs

Boosting Claims Efficiency with Digital Technologies

In an industry that’s increasingly competitive on cost, digital technologies are providing today’s carriers with new ways of setting themselves apart from the pack.

Successfully implementing digital claims will unlock and enable better claims processes, drive innovation and deliver the strategic value of claims to the organization.

Insurance Nexus is bringing together a team of experts including, Bea Rolbiecki (AVP Senior Experience, USAA), Daniel Regan (Vice President, Financial Services, SAP Ariba), Allan Robinson (EVP Field Operations, Sales and Chief Claims officer, Horace Mann Insurance) and John Langowski (Chief Claims Officer, Swyfft) to discuss how to leverage the value of digital to improve customer experience and deliver efficiencies.

Here is what you can learn by tuning in to our webinar:

  • What customers really want is choice! Build the ultimate omnichannel experience with improved transparency, designing the customer experience around customer feedback to maximize impact
  • Simple improvements, maximum return: Identifying quick wins to drastically reduce cycle times and make your customers smile
  • The future of loss adjusters: working hand-in-hand with the robots – Use RPA as an enabler and a win-win for carriers and workers, overhauling the most routine administrative tasks and freeing up resources to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience

 (FYI – if you can’t join live, I’ll send you the recordings if you register).

Humanizing Insurance Claims with Artificial Intelligence

Insurance customers demand real-time, personalized and omnichannel claims. At the same time, in this critical “moment of truth”, customers are increasingly craving a human connection, and to be listened to as a unique individual, not just a number in a database. Can AI be the solution for hyper-personalized claims experience at scale? Insurance Nexus is bringing Andrew Pelcin (VP - Claims Data Analytics Implementation, Chubb), Natalie Kaschalk (Head of Auto Claims Strategy, Farmers Insurance), David S. Williams (VP Claims, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) and Amrish Singh (Head of Product Enterprise, Metromile) to discuss how AI is transforming claims into a source of competitive advantage.

White Papers

The Humans Fight Back Automation in Insurance Claims

  • Glenn Shapiro, Executive Vice President Claims, Allstate Insurance
  • Jeff Mills, Chief Claims Officer, American National
  • Jeanette Ward, Senior Vice President Policyholder Services, Texas Mutual

As claims executives face increasing pressure to boost both operational efficiency and customer experience simultaneously, process automation has become a growing trend.

But what processes can and should be automated, and what are the steps to achieving automation success?

This whitepaper features exclusive insights from:

Who gave their thoughts on:

  • Opportunities for automation: the claims processes where automation would have the greatest impact on efficiency and customer experience, compared to those processes who require the “human touch”
  • The tools necessary for automation success: from consistent data sets, advanced analytics, integrated tech systems and more, what do you need to check off in your quest for automation?
  • Where automation is already being used, and the potential of the future: as insurance is being disrupted and transformed, what role will automation play in the claims process of the future?

Download the White Paper here

Ten Steps to Transform Your Claims Customer Experience

As you know, claims executives have always been looking for strategies to make operations more efficient to save costs. However – the claims department is now serving a second master, the demanding customer.

Creating an exceptional claims customer experience is a game changer, with those who can achieve excellence retaining and attracting customers in this competitive environment.

We spoke with industry leaders from AIG, Erie and Hiscox to understand where and how to redesign the claims process with the customer front of mind.

We spoke with Derek Zahn (Global Head Of Property, CAT, Yacht, and Collection Claims, AIG), Gary Sullivan (VP Property & Subrogation Claims, Erie Insurance) and Bryan Falchuk (Head of Claims US, Hiscox) to get their thoughts, including:

  1. How to design a customer-centric claims process and understand what’s important to customers
  2. The practical steps to drastically or incrementally change the claims process, from culture to tech
  3. The potential implications of improving claims customer experience, and metrics to track success
  4. Leveraging innovative technologies to meet customer expectations, including data and analytics
  5. Advice and top tips from your peers including what to watch for and focus on during transformation

Download the White Paper here

Mining All Data Resources Whitepaper

Among a sea of claims innovation, one of the most transformative opportunities is new data enabling more efficient, personalized and service-led claims processing.

But when faced with so much data, how can carriers gather and integrate data, and more importantly, effectively generate actionable insights to turn data into value?

We recently asked these questions of Pam Kamphuis-Finnigan (Director, National Claims Experience; The Co-operators); Bryan Falchuk (Head of Claims US, Hiscox USA) and Jeff Mills (Chief Claims Officer, American National) – and we’ve compiled their thoughts into a whitepaper.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Actively Collecting the Plethora of Available Data: from customer-submitted photos and videos, to weather, satellite and sensor data, uncover strategies to prioritize the highest value data sources and collect the data ready for integration and analysis
  • Turning Data to Value Utilizing Advanced Analytics: fight fraud, personalize customer service, automate straight forward claims and find efficiencies with advancing analytics, looking towards the future of machine learning
  • Value Add Services to Transform Customer Experience: the true value of data lies in what it can do for your customer – as we move to risk prevention, how can the claims function provide a service above and beyond payment to proactively, positively impact our customers lives?

Download the White Paper here


The Humans Fight Back Automation in Insurance Claims

Developing an effective claims strategy has never been more complex, or vital for a carrier’s survival – digital technologies and changing customer expectations have disrupted the insurance landscape, whilst the pressure to reduce claims costs is now larger than ever.

To help you build your investment strategy for claims transformation in 2019, Insurance Nexus developed a game changing report with the help of Chief Claims Officers and the insights from over 600 insurance executives.

This is the only report giving you the breakdown of the most transformative technologies and how they are reshaping the industry. By reading this report you will:

  • Find the Silver Bullet for Claims: There are many distractions in the form of new technologies, and with limited time and budget, it is vital for carriers to understand what will have the biggest impact on both customer and business efficiency
  • Move Beyond the Proof of Concept: Explore which elements of connected claims are set to take precedence in the short to mid-term
  • It’s Not Just About the Technology: From cultural change to processes redesign, discover the areas that will help you set an innovative claims strategy to deliver real business change

Download the Report here

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