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About Us

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Insurance Nexus

Insurance has been disrupted, and the accelerating pace of change has created many challenges and opportunities for insurance executives. New technology, innovative business models and the rise of IoT, digital transformation and customer engagement is changing the face of the industry and inspiring new products, services and strategies. Insurers must seize the opportunities that digital transformation brings.

Who we are

Situated between London’s Silicon Roundabout and the City, Insurance Nexus is at the innovative heart of an industry undergoing significant disruption and innovation. We are a team of energetic professionals who are passionate about insurance, technology and innovation, and are ready to provide the tools, insights and opportunities for insurers to thrive in the future.

Our offerings

Insurance Nexus is the central hub for insurance executives. Through in-depth industry analysis, targeted research, niche events and quality content, we provide the industry with a platform to network, discuss, learn and shape the future of the insurance industry.

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IoT Insurance Observatory

IoT Insurance Observatory is a think tank created and managed by Matteo Carbone and has aggregated almost 50 organisations between North America and Europe. The members include 4 of the top 7 global reinsurers, 6 of the top 15 P&C US Insurance Group and 3 of the top 15 European Insurance Group. The Observatory vision is that insurance IoT represents a new paradigm for the industry, and the Observatory purpose is to promote IoT adoption in the insurance sector.

This think tank is constantly observing and scouting the usage of sensors in different insurance business lines around the globe. Second, it is interpreting best practices and pitfalls for the members, so providing them the most globally relevant IoT insurance knowledge. Finally, it has as core a deliverable the story-telling of this knowledge through workshops, dedicated one to ones for each of the organisations which are members of the Observatory. Since its creation the Observatory has delivered almost 900 hours of workshops and 13 plenary symposia with all the members around the same table.

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